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FAQs From the Farm

Where can I purchase Clayton Rawl Farms produce? 

Ask your local grocery store produce manager if he carries our produce. If he does not, please recommend us!


We also sell at the South Carolina State Farmers Market in Columbia:


214 Wholesale Lane

West Columbia, SC 29172

(803) 799-6727 Phone


Where can I learn more about South Carolina grown produce?

You can visit for more information. 

I bought some of your peanuts. What is the best way to prepare them?

Many people like to boil our peanuts.  


In a large pot, cover peanuts with water.  Add ¼ cup kosher salt per pound of peanuts. Cover and boil for 3-4 hours or until peanuts reach desired level of softness. 


*Fun Fact  Boiled peanuts are the Official South Carolina State Snack Food.

What are your product availability seasons?

We grow produce year round.  Check out the Product Availiability Chart in the Produce section of the site to learn more

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